New Year in Finland 2023 – Definitive Guide for Holidaymakers

In the middle of December, when office Christmas parties begin to wind down, things start to calm down socially. It’s possible that everybody’s mind is completely preoccupied with the holiday shopping frenzy. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, most Finns spend time with family. Finns enjoy the days leading up to December 31 i.e., New Year in Finland, spent visiting friends and stocking up on energy.

New Year in Finland or New Year’s Eve is the grandest party night of the year in Finland, as it is in many other countries; however, some would say that the Finns get even crazier on April 30, the eve of May Day.

People celebrate the end of the year or the 1st day of the New Year in Finland 2023 by having parties. In addition to that, they enjoy gathering at restaurants, going to concerts, and even attending special gala dances. Having a good lunch, whether it is a home-cooked delight or a calorie-laden buffet, is crucial on this occasion. This is a night when many individuals indulge in heavy drinking, which might lead to boisterous behaviour.

10 Exciting Things To Do For New Year in Finland

1. Pour Molted Tin in Cold Water – An Unusual Finnish Tradition


The N is a lot of fun. In this process, you heat Horseshoes made of miniature tin in a pan until the tin melts. After this, you throw the molten ingredients into a pail of ice water. When the metal hits the water, it rapidly solidifies due to the change in temperature. 

The random patterns that form are then used to make forecasts about a person’s future well-being, financial success, or emotional contentment. Each time you try your hand at this sort of fortune-telling, you’ll come away feeling optimistic about the future. What better way to celebrate New Year in Finland than this?

After everyone has cast their tins, you can use the shapes and patterns to predict what the coming year will bring. Rough tin surfaces are a good sign for the caster. This usually indicates that you will most likely get a lot of money or financial blessings in the New Year. The caster will enjoy tranquilly and success if the tin is smooth and shining all throughout.

Tins in the shape of a horse or ship indicate a journey, while a ring denotes a wedding, a shattered ring indicates a divorce, and a star represents good fortune. The tin’s form can be deduced just by looking at it, or it can be held up to a source of light such as a candle or lamp to determine its meaning. The tins encourage free interpretation, which generally leads to some hilarity.

Celebrating Finland New Years Eve 2022 can’t get any better than this!

2. Relish Fireworks & Toasts – Enjoy New Year Evening in Finland


Fireworks are an integral feature of New Year’s Eve celebrations for many Finns. You can buy them in retail locations between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. But you can’t use them until 6 p.m. on December 31st, and you can’t use them again until 2 a.m. Roman candles, bottle rockets, and firework displays begin at six o’clock. 

You will come across a wide range of beautiful private fireworks and displays in the sky. In addition to that, the skies are lit up by public pyrotechnic displays hosted by a number of municipalities, groups, and private organisations. You can also enjoy a delicious New Year’s Eve dinner while soaking in the magnificent fireworks.

Senate Square in Helsinki is frequently the site of major national events. Kansalaistori (Citizens’ Square), a square between the Music Centre and the Oodi library building, has, nonetheless, been drawing more attention in recent years. This is where you will witness the best celebrations of New Year in Finland.

The Mayor, the Bishop, and other officials all take the stage to address the massive throng. There are light shows, live music, and performances by talented singers. People are incredibly upbeat and joyful despite the harsh weather. The event is broadcast nationally on television and may be seen in homes and watering holes around the country.

At the stroke of midnight, Finns and Swedes alike wish each other a “Hyvää uutta vuotta!” (Happy New Year) in Finnish and “Gott nytt r!” (New Year’s in Swedish). They raise glasses of champagne or beer in a celebration, greet, embrace and kiss, and exchange compliments. 

Naturally, everyone wants to make a good impression early in the year. This leads to the customary New Year’s resolutions, which the majority either forget or pretend they never made.

Welcome, New Year 2023 in Finland in Style!

3. Visit Helsinki – The Best Place To Celebrate New Year In Finland


Finland’s Helsinki is a great place to start off your New Years Eve party with unique dance shows, live musical performances, and other events. Helsinki, as the country’s primary gateway, is also its priciest metropolis. 

In Helsinki, one will find the most well-known and critically acclaimed museums, all of which have strikingly contemporary designs. Admire the stunning Helsinki Cathedral on your visit to the city’s waterfront. Before the ball drops on December 31st, stock up on the best beers at your local Cols supermarket around sunset. Enjoy New Year in Finland like never before!

During the New Year’s Eve celebrations, one can have a memorable experience by travelling all throughout Helsinki. Head to Helsinki’s tiniest city, Porvoo, to marvel at the splendour of the arts.

Don’t Miss the exciting celebrations of the New Year in Finland!

4. Head Over To Archipelagos For New Year’s Eve in Finland

The Finnish archipelago is by far one of the largest in the world. There are some stunning lighthouses to be seen around the coast of Finland. Anyone looking for a quiet place to ring in 2023 can do so by visiting Finland’s largest archipelago. 

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Finland has a wide variety of tourist attractions, including picturesque lighthouses, grand estates, several national parks, and quaint wooden towns. About 180 thousand islands dot the coastline of Finland, making up the country’s archipelago. 

Why knows? You might come across some interesting New Year’s Party in Finland!

5. Countdown at The Torne River – Celebrate New Year in Finland!


If you’re looking for something truly out of the usual to do this New Year’s Eve, a double countdown on the Finnish-Swedish border near the Torne river might be just the ticket. 

In Finland, Tornio is where revellers can see a spectacular firework show and enjoy live performances to ring in the new year. Take a quick 5-minute trip across the bridge to Sweden’s Haparanda for further New Year’s celebrations an hour later.

Take part in the exciting New Year Parties at Torne River with friends or family!

6. Delve Into Finland’s History at Siida Museum


Learning more about the Finnish Laplanders, often known as the Sami, a seminomadic people is the sole purpose of this excursion. 

You will come across both photographic mementoes and displays of natural wonders in the museum. In-depth knowledge can also be gained through the use of interactive information sections.

This is an interesting way to celebrate New Year in Finland!

7. Enjoy The Best of Winter Entertainment in Finnish Lapland


If you’re looking for a break from the usual drinking and partying, a snowy Scandinavian winter might be just the ticket. Prepare to be enchanted by the sights and sounds of Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, the northernmost and most popular destination in all of Finnish Lapland. 

Spend time in nature by going snowmobiling, dog sledging, seeing Arctic animals, or searching for the stunning northern lights. Spend some time in a traditional Finnish sauna in the evening to unwind fully. 

When the clock strikes twelve, have a small party in your house and set off some fireworks. Finland only allows fireworks between 6 pm on December 31 and 2 am on January 1.

Enjoy New Year’s Eve Party in Finland’s Lapland with loved ones!

8. Go Snowmobiling – Enjoy Adventure on New Year in Finland


A fun way to see the Finnish wilderness is from the seat of a snowmobile, which can carry one or two riders.

This is a fantastic way to see the Finnish countryside while still moving quickly, making it a must-do while visiting Finland.

Most snowmobile tour operators will provide you with a warm outer layer to wear over your own clothes and a hat, gloves, and boots to protect you from the bitter cold.

Places To Enjoy Snowmobiling in Finland

Helsinki – This 3.5-hour tour departs and returns to your Helsinki hotel, so you won’t have to move a muscle. There will be a campfire lunch and warm beverages on this tour. This is the ideal wintertime outing for individuals who like to remain in the nation’s capital.

Kemi – Spend seven hours of excitement on a snowmobile as you ride through the neighbouring forest on this excursion. This price includes lunch, coffee, and snacks. For those who can’t get enough of riding in the snow, this is the perfect tour.

After snowmobiling, you can wish your fellow riders or your loved ones, a Happy New Year in Finland!

9. Visit The Suomenlinna Fortress on Finland New Year 2023


Among all of Helsinki’s attractions, the Suomenlinna fortress should be at the top of your list. Why so?

Located off the coast of Helsinki, Suomenlinna is a small island that is home to a sea fortification that is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The city of Helsinki consists of 330 islands, which you may not know makes it an archipelago. This means that the Baltic Sea islands include the Suomenlinna fortress.

The Swedes, during their reign over Finland, constructed the Suomenlinna island stronghold. Since then, three states have used the island of Suomenlinna as a maritime fortress to protect themselves from their foes.

This small island paradise is like stepping back in time a couple of hundred years. It has an air of effortless calm, is rich in significant history, and is aesthetically pleasing to boot.

It takes only 15 minutes to cross the sea from the metropolis to a natural wonderland.

10. Relish a Memorable Ski Holiday in Ruka on New Year 2023 in Finland


Last but not least, you could ski into the New Year. Plan a trip to a ski area where you may spend the day on the slopes and the night celebrating with fireworks. 

Many people choose Ruka over the other major ski destinations since it is not as far north. Skiers and snowboarders of all stripes will find what they’re looking for in Ruka’s 35 slopes, 22 lifts, and roughly 100 miles (160 kilometres) of cross-country routes.

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After that, simply use this guide to enjoy an amazing New Year in Finland with friends or family!

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Ans. Yes, New Year Celebrations are some of the biggest events in Finland. The New Year revelries usually feature spectacular firework shows, family gatherings, delicious food and lots of fun.

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Que. What To Do in Finland For New Year’s Eve?

Ans. Finland offers a ton of attractions and activities for tourists visiting Finland during the New Year. You can soak in the impressive fireworks displays, visit a church or take part in large gatherings to enjoy New Year in Finland.