How To Apply Finland Visa Online From UK – Complete Guide

Welcome to the mesmerizing land of Finland, a Nordic country brimming with natural wonders and captivating cultural treasures. From breathtaking landscapes dotted with lakes and forests to its vibrant cities pulsating with creativity. Finland offers a unique blend of tranquillity and excitement for every traveller. And you’ll just need a Finland Visa to explore all these and more!

From the vibrant capital city of Helsinki to picturesque wilderness of Lapland, Finland offers a plethora of unforgettable experiences. Explore the breathtaking beauty of the Finnish Archipelago or witness the magical Northern Lights dancing across the sky. Don’t miss the chance to visit iconic landmarks like the Suomenlinna Fortress. Or immerse yourself in the sauna culture, a Finnish tradition. So, why not apply for a Online Finland Visa?

And here’s the best part: applying for a Finland Visa is now easier than ever before. With the convenience of online application, you can save time and energy. No more waiting in long queues or dealing with paperwork. 

Simply fill out the online form, submit the Finland Visa required documents, and wait for your visa approval. Enjoy a hassle-free travel experience to Finland and indulge in its captivating wonders. Kickstart your Finland trip preparations by applying for a Finland Visa online. Want to know the fastest way to get a Online Finland Visa? Read on!

What is The Fastest Way To Apply For Online Finland Visa?

Apply Finland Visa

1st Step: Apply Finland Visa from UK by filling up the online Finland Visa UK application form. Make sure to upload all the requisite Finland Visa Documents wherever requested.

2nd Step: Our experts will book an appointment for you at the Finland Visa Application Center in UK. Make sure to pay the Finland Visa Fees online for a hassle-free experience.

3rd Step: On the day of the appointment, visit the Finland Visa Center in London Manchester or Edinburgh. You can also visit any other UK city visa centre at your convenience. Here you will need to submit your documents and undergo biometric authentication if required.

4th Step: Once all the formalities are done, you will receive your Finland Schengen Visa and your passport via post.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for a Finnish Visa today to kickstart your Finland trip preparations!

Online Finland Visa Documents – Requirements You Need To Know

Finland Visa Required Documents

Planning a trip to Finland? Get ready for a seamless visa application process. We understand that it can be overwhelming to gather all the necessary documents, but don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide.

Duly Fill Out The Finland Visa Application Form Online

To start, make sure you complete the Finland Visa Application Form accurately and provide all the required information. Once you’re done, simply pay the nominal Finland Visa fee. And let our experts help you book your Finland appointment from Manchester.

UK Residency Permit 

Remember, along with the application form, you’ll need a valid passport and UK residency permit. Your passport should be no more than 10 years old. It should have at least two blank unmarked pages. And it should be valid for three months beyond your intended stay in Finland.

Recent Passport-Size Photographs

Don’t forget to include two recent passport-format photographs. They should clearly show your face with good brightness and colour contrast against a light-coloured background. Avoid wearing any head coverings in the photos.

Cover Letter

Next, prepare a cover letter. If you’re a proprietor, it should be on your company letterhead. Include important details like the purpose of your visit, the names of all travellers & travel dates. Don’t forget to mention your itinerary and duration of stay. Also, mention who will be covering the expenses. If you have an invitation from a resident in Finland, include it with a cover letter.

Get a Comprehensive Travel Health Insurance

Travel and medical insurance are mandatory. So make sure you have coverage for the entire duration of your stay in Finland. The minimum requirement is EUR 30,000 from an approved insurance agency.

Furnish Proof of Travel & Accommodation

For proof of travel and accommodation, provide a document with your round-trip flight itinerary, including flight numbers and dates. If you’re driving, submit your driving license and vehicle registration documents along with your complete travel itinerary. If someone else is driving, they should sign a dated cover letter confirming joint travel with you.

Finland Visa Types From UK

Lastly, show proof of advance hotel booking or a rental agreement for your stay in Finland. Include the duration of your intended stay and provide the name and contact details of the hotel. 

To avoid any payment issues, it’s advisable to work with a travel agent. They can book a room for you based on a small token payment for documentation purposes.

Now that you have all the information you need, start preparing for your incredible journey to Finland!

Additional Finland Visa Document Requirements

Planning a trip to the Netherlands from Manchester? Here’s what you need to know and how to make the process easier.

Visa application requirements differ based on your employment status, age, and other factors. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it.

  1. Employed applicants will need to submit an Employment Contract or Appointment Letter. Additionally, obtain written permission from your employer for leave. Remember to provide your latest six months’ bank statement and income tax return form.
  2. If you’re self-employed, include your Company Registration Certificate and company bank statement for the past six months. Don’t forget your income tax return (ITR) form.
  3. Students, gather your Proof of Enrolment from a recognized institution and obtain a no-objection certificate from your school or university.
  4. Retirees, provide your last six months’ pension statement and proof of income generated by property or business.
  5. Spouses of UK nationals, ensure you have a certified copy of your marriage certificate, a valid passport, a cover letter from your spouse’s employer, and proof of funds.
  6. For minor applicants, both parents must sign the Netherlands application form, and you’ll need the minor’s birth certificate. If there’s only one custodial parent, include a family court order and certified copies of both parents’ ID/passport.
  7. If a minor is traveling with a third party, you’ll need a notarized and legalized parental authorization. Also, you need to furnish the accompanying person’s passport, photograph, and valid visa copy.

To secure your Netherlands appointment from Manchester, submit accurate and complete documentation. Following these guidelines will increase your chances of approval. Don’t wait—book through Netherlands Visas now!

Online Finland Visa Fees With Visa Types

Finland Visa Fees With Visa Types

Before you embark on your exciting journey, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with Finland visa fees for various Finland Visa Types

Understanding the visa fees will help you plan your budget accordingly. And it will also help ensure a smooth visa application process. Here, we will provide you with detailed information about the visa fees for different purposes. These range from tourism and family visits to business trips and long stays. Let’s dive in!

1. Finland Tourism Visa Fee: Exploring the Land of a Thousand Lakes (£231)

If you’re looking to explore the captivating beauty of Finland as a tourist, you will need to apply for a tourism visa. 

The Finland Tourist Visa fee for individuals planning a visit to the country for recreational purposes is £231. This visa allows you to immerse yourself in Finland’s picturesque landscapes. You also get to experience its vibrant culture and indulge in various tourist activities. Ensure that you have the necessary funds to cover the visa fee before applying.

2. Family & Friends Visa Fee: Strengthening Bonds (£231)

Visiting your family and friends in Finland is a heartwarming experience that creates lasting memories. 

To make this journey possible, you will need to apply for a family and friends visa. The Finland visa fee for this category is also £231. This visa enables you to spend quality time with your loved ones or participate in family celebrations. 

Plan ahead and allocate the required funds to cover the visa fee when preparing for your visit.

3. Business Visa Fee: Unlocking Opportunities (£231)

For individuals who wish to explore business opportunities in Finland, a business visa is necessary. The Finland visa fee is £231. 

This visa allows you to attend business meetings, conferences, or engage in other professional activities. It is crucial to invest in this visa to ensure a seamless entry into Finland. It will help you take advantage of the potential opportunities that await. 

Make sure to allocate the necessary funds for the visa fee in your business travel budget.

4. Visa for Family Members of EEA/EU Citizens: Building Strong Ties (£231)

If you are a family member of an EEA/EU citizen planning to visit Finland, you will need to apply for a specific visa. The Finland visa fee for family members of EEA/EU citizens is £231. 

This visa enables you to reunite with your loved ones, join them in Finland, and create cherished moments together. Allocate the required funds for the visa fee and make your family reunion dreams a reality.

5. Long Stay Single/Multiple Entry Visa Fee: Embracing Finnish Life (£231)

For those planning an extended stay in Finland, a long stay single/multiple entry visa is essential. The Finland visa fee for this category is £231.

 This visa allows you to experience Finland’s rich heritage & explore its cities. You also get to immerse yourself in Finland’s way of life for an extended period. 

Ensure that you have the necessary funds. This will most likely cover the visa fee, as well as your living expenses during your stay.

6. Visa For Children Between 6 and 12 years old: Enriching Young Minds (£231)

If you are travelling to Finland with children aged between 6 and 12 years old, they will require their own visa. The Finland visa fee for children in this age group is £231. 

This visa ensures that your little ones can join you in experiencing the wonders of Finland. This will help them make precious memories together as a family. Remember to allocate the necessary funds to cover the visa fee for your children.

7. Visa for Children Less than 6 years old: Cherishing Early Adventures (£231)

Travelling with young children to Finland? Children below 6 years old will need their own visa to accompany them. The Finland visa fee for children in this age group is £231. 

This visa allows your little ones to embark on their early adventures in Finland. Let them explore Finland’s beauty and create unforgettable experiences. Allocate the required funds to cover the visa fee for your young travellers.

Finland Visa Application From UK

Knowing the Finland visa fees for various categories is crucial when planning your trip to this remarkable Nordic country. Whether you’re visiting as a tourist, reuniting with family and friends, exploring business opportunities, or embarking on long stay. 

Understanding the visa fees will ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey. Allocate the necessary funds for the visa fee and plan your itinerary. After that, get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure in Finland. Bon voyage!


In conclusion, acquiring a Finland visa from the UK is a hassle-free and uncomplicated procedure. 

By adhering to straightforward and user-friendly steps, you’ll swiftly obtain your visa. This will grant you the opportunity to delve into the wonders of this breathtaking country. 

Should you require any guidance or support throughout the process, our team of seasoned experts is readily available to provide assistance, ensuring your journey remains smooth and worry-free. Embrace this chance to explore the charm and allure of Finland, as we eagerly await the pleasure of helping you realize your travel dreams.


Q: What is the first step to apply for a Finland Visa from the UK?

The first step to apply for a Finland Visa from the UK is to fill out the online Finland Visa UK application form. Ensure that you provide all the required Finland Visa Documents when requested & upload them along with your application.

Q: How can I book an appointment at the Finland Visa Application Center in the UK?

You can book your appointment on Finland visa Website. Our experts will handle the appointment booking process for you once you have submitted your online application.

Q: Where can I visit the Finland Visa Center in the UK?

You can visit the Finland Visa Center in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, or any other UK city visa center that is convenient for you. Choose the location that suits you best for submitting your documents & undergoing any required biometric authentication.

Q: What should I do on the day of my appointment at the Finland Visa Center?

On the day of your appointment at the Finland Visa Center, you need to visit the center in person. Make sure to bring all the required documents & be prepared to undergo biometric authentication if it is necessary for your visa application. Submit your documents & provide any additional information as requested.

Q: How will I receive my Finland Schengen Visa & passport after the application process?

Once all the formalities are completed & your visa application is approved, your Finland Schengen Visa & passport will be sent to you via postal mail. Ensure that you provide a valid & secure postal address during the application process to receive your visa & passport safely.