Flow Festival – One of The Most Popular Finland Festivals

Since 2004, Helsinki has hosted Flow Festival, an annual boutique city event that celebrates all things urban. The festival creators’ love of art and music inspired them to create the Flow Festival. 

Another reason was due to the fact that it was felt that Finland, and Helsinki in particular, needed a good alternative music festival. In its current iteration, Flow Festival is one of the most innovative music and arts festivals in Europe.

Official Dates of the Event – 12th to 14th August 2022

While Flow has grown in size and scope over the years (more performers, more attendees, more of everything), its primary motivation remains the same: to provide people with the festival experience that its organizers have always wanted to have for themselves. 

Flow aspires to become one of the most popular and respected events in the world. The goal of Flow is to revitalize and expand Helsinki’s cultural scene by providing a wide variety of high-quality events.

Why is Flow Festival a Popular Event in Finland?

Exciting Content For Audiences

The Flow Festival is a cutting-edge event that draws its inspiration from the worlds of popular culture and experimental arts. 

Flow has set a new standard in the European festival industry with its enormous music and art lineup, well-curated food and restaurant services, beautifully decorated festival grounds, and comprehensive sustainability program. Thus, you all need to Apply Online Finland Visa for exploring the beauty and European festivals in Finland.

Events That Cater To Every Attendee

The mission of Flow Festival is to provide all attendees and other interested individuals with a first-rate and inclusive festival experience. 

The festival conducts an annual customer satisfaction survey and maintains open lines of communication with its audience through a number of different mediums in order to guarantee a first-rate event for each and every one of them. 

The contributions of Flow’s partner organizations are invaluable to the development of Flow’s programming and the production of a truly wonderful festival experience for all attendees.

Initiatives Focused on Sustainability

The flow was established out of a passion for the arts and has left its imprint on the cultural scene in Helsinki ever since. 

Although the festival is motivated by the demonstrable positive effects of culture and activities on people’s well-being, Flow is cognizant of the ecological toll it takes. 

Did you know? One of the earliest carbon-neutral festivals is the Flow Festival.

The festival is cognizant of its potential effects on the neighborhood, its citizens, and the environment, and it takes measures to mitigate such consequences. 

Each year, Flow calculates its full carbon footprint and allocates funds to environmental projects in order to lessen the company’s overall impact on the environment.

The Lineup of Flow Festival in Finland


One of the most renowned music festivals in Finland 2022 will be featuring world-class artists as headliners which include Jamie xx, Gorillaz, Sigrid, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, DJ Koze, Aldous Harding, and many more!


Apart from the headliners, other artists who will be setting the stage on fire during the 2-day extravaganza include Hassan Maikal, Fred Again, Acid Arab, Erika Vikman, Ege Zulu, and many more!

Delicious Flow Festival Food

It is to the event’s credit that some of Helsinki’s most innovative eateries provide their unique dishes to Flow attendees. This year, guests have their pick of over 20 different pubs and restaurants. 

Furthermore, Flow maintains its ground-breaking work on sustainability by eliminating all meat and poultry from restaurant menus and mandating the inclusion of at least one vegan option. 

The festival also features an extensive selection of wines, artisan beers, and non-alcoholic beverages infused with popular flavorings.

Some popular restaurants/cafés/roadside eateries that you can visit are:

Anton & Anton

Anton&Anton has come a long way from its 2008 beginnings as a deli restaurant in Porvoo to become a dependable and long-lasting purveyor of exceptional delights. Their mission is to spread happiness by using the highest quality ingredients, all while supporting their neighborhood and the planet. In honor of their debut at Flow Festival, the chefs at A&A have created new meal portions using only the finest local foods and flavors to keep you going all night long.

Bali Brunch  

Bali Brunch is an Indonesian eatery in Helsinki with an emphasis on ease of living and contentment. The food and drink during Bali Brunch are meant to provide joy to those who partake. At Flow Festival, the restaurant will serve both their signature Gado-Gado and a limited-time-only special.

Casa Moro 

The food, ambiance, and memories of CASA MORO Street Kitchen are all in perfect harmony. It serves dishes inspired by visits to mom, aunt, grandma, and street vendors in Marrakech, Casablanca, and Fez.

Tickets For Flow Festival Helsinki 2022

General Tickets For The Finland Festival

The tickets for the Flow festival 2022 are categorized as follows:

  1. 1-day tickets – starting at 115 Euros
  2. 2-day tickets – starting at 185 Euros
  3. 3-day tickets – starting at 215 Euros

Note – The Flow Festival 2022 will welcome all valid tickets for either the 2020 or 2021 festival.

VIP Offerings – The Gold Area at Flow Festival Finland

The Gold Area at Flow Festival is an exclusive retreat for the festival’s VIPs and sponsors from across the world. It’s also great for more intimate business gatherings and networking events. 

Those with Gold Area tickets can bypass the regular lines at the wristband exchange and enter the festival grounds quickly.

You can relax and enjoy a high-quality Flow session in the Gold Area’s lounge, which features a bar, a café, plush chairs, and premium restrooms. 

Details about the Gold Zone will be revealed at a later date. All festival events and venues are accessible with a Gold Area ticket.

Important Tips For Flow Festival Finland Attendees

1. Accommodations Near The Finland Music Festival Venue

You will come across many luxury hotels as well as affordable hostels near the festival venue. Some of the options that you can look for when you reach Helsinki are as follows:

  • Hotel St. George
  • Marski by Scandic
  • Eurohostel
  • Lapland Hotels Bulevardi

2. Clubs and Bars Near The Flow Festival 2022

Although the music festival is a big attraction, there are other small yet exciting attractions in Helsinki such as Bars and Clubs.

Some noted recommendations for you will be the Tanner, Kaiku, Tenho Restobar, and Post Bar.

You can also browse the Helsinki.fi website to find out more about sustainable bars and clubs

3. Shopping Attractions, Vintage Shops & Flea Markets

If you enjoy shopping, it is in your best interest to invest in durable goods. We can’t say enough good things about Garden, the new Center for Finnish Fashion in Kämp Galleria, where you can find an incredible variety of Finnish clothing and accessories in one convenient location.

There are several quaint thrift stores in Helsinki. Töölöntori is home to some great shops like Variety Vintage, Frida marina, and Relove.

There are also some fantastic flea markets in Helsinki. If you enjoy browsing stalls at flea markets, you must visit Helsinki’s famous Hietalahti Flea Market. At the same time, you may enjoy a wide selection of restaurants and cafes at the beautiful Hietalahti Market Hall.

Got all the information to make your Flow Festival visit a memorable one. Simply get a Finland Visas and head over to Helsinki to take part in this glorious music festival with your friends or family!