Best Finnish Food In 2022 – Take a Tour With Finland Visa

Among the Nordic countries, Finland is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination due to its well-deserved reputation as the world’s happiest nation. Finnish food is fantastic and it may be one of the primary reasons why Finns are so upbeat.

Finland Food is regarded for being uncomplicated, light, and full of fresh, local ingredients gathered from Finland’s renowned woods and lakes. Some say that Finnish food isn’t as good as that of surrounding countries because of the country’s chilly climate and limited access to fresh vegetables.

Finnish cuisine makes up for its sometimes lack of freshness in its delightful flavour. And there are many Finnish dishes that can appeal to your palate. But, before we dive into the world of delicious Food in Finland, let’s quickly look at an interesting story that happened between Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and a popular Finnish Food Company.

What Happened Between The Italian PM & Finnish Food Company?

This story goes back to 2005 when the former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was the office bearer.

He jokingly said that he had to endure Finnish Food because it felt bland like a “Marinated Reindeer”. Many Finnish households consume marinated reindeer as a staple food.

However, this is where the Finnish Food Company Kotipizza comes into the picture.

They took the joke seriously and made a spectacular comeback by creating a special Finnish dish called Pizza Berlusconi. Crazy, right?

As the name implies, the dish is a delicious pizza made with red onion, tomato, chanterelle and tomato. But, the main ingredient is obviously the “smoked reindeer”!

Finnish Food is Delicious, Simple and Comforting

Finland Food doesn’t just include Reindeer Meat. This dish might be a staple but it is consumed in only a few regions of the country.

There are many other types of food made from delicious ingredients like meat, beef, fish, pork and fresh vegetables. In addition to these, Finland is known for its freshly available mushrooms and berries that are used for baking and cooking purposes.

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Interesting Fact – When it comes to berries, lingonberries and bilberries are the popular variants that are used for cooking.

Top 10 Finnish Foods For Holidaymakers & Epicures in 2022

1). Rye Bread (Ruisleipa) – A Traditional Finnish Food


In 2017, rye bread was overwhelmingly chosen as the favourite cuisine of the Finns. This dish is also known as Finland’s national food!

Although you may be familiar with rye bread, Finland’s version is 100% rye bread baked with special Finnish yeasts to lend it a distinctive flavour.

For thousands of years, ruisleipä has been a part of the Finnish diet, serving as a morning item, a side dish, and even a snack. You can get it with ham and cheese or a pat of butter.

Dried, thin slices of leavened rye bread are a popular option for open-faced sandwiches and buttery munchies.

You may buy a wide selection of bread at the local grocery store or at the bakery down the street, such as reikäleipä (a large round bread with a hole in the centre) and jälkiuunileipä (low-temperature baked hard bread).

Näkkileipä and hapankorppu are two examples of dry varieties; the latter is more commonly known as Finn Crisps outside of Finland. Rye bread is strong in fibre and is prepared from sourdough, making it a smart choice for individuals who are health-conscious.

2). Cinnamon Buns (Korvapuusti) – A Mouth-Watering Sweet Bread


Also known as slapped ears, Korvapuusti is a tasty cinnamon roll. No one is quite sure why this pastry is called an “ear,” but the shape may have something to do with it.

The primary ingredients of this Finland Food are cinnamon, sugar, and butter-flavoured yeast dough. Buns are made by rolling out sheets of yeast and baking them into a distinctive form.

Indulge in the perfect balance of sugar and salt. Did you know? Finnish people love this snack and they call it korvapusti. The Finnish have a deep and abiding love for coffee, and the buns are a perfect complement to that beverage. Give this dish a shot when you’re out in the country!

3). Mammi – A Special Finnish Food Recipe For Easter


Put away your Easter Egg basket; the Finnish have something even more unique: Mämmi. Water, rye flour, powdered malt, salt, orange zest, and orange juice are combined to create this pudding for dessert.

Basically, you throw everything in a bowl and let it sit for a while so the sweetness can build, then bake it. The traditional method of making Mämmi takes some time, but the end result has very little sugar. The updated recipe with black molasses is speedier and more flavorful.

The best Mämmi will smell and taste like toasted dark bread. During the Easter season, the Finnish traditionally serve Mämmi cold with milk and cream. The candy might baffle onlookers, but it’s definitely tasty.

4). Rice Pie (Karjalanpiirakka) – One of The Most Popular Finnish Foods


This rye crust pastry stuffed with rich rice porridge is a national favourite. Its origins can be traced back to the Karelia province in eastern Finland, which has become part of Russia. Munavoi, a spread made from chopped hard-boiled eggs and butter, is typically served with karjalanpiirakka.

Getting a taste of this regional speciality is as simple and inexpensive as picking up a  from the bakery area of any grocery store. You can find pies packed with everything from rice porridge to grated carrots and rice to mashed potatoes.

5). Makaronilaatikko – Affordable & Popular Finland Food


Make a simple and delicious Finnish lunch with this casserole recipe. The ease and low cost with which you can obtain it is its greatest attribute. Makaronilaatikko is a student favourite due to its low price and high caloric density per serving.

You can prepare it in the same way you would any other casserole: by browning the beef and onions in a skillet and then adding the macaroni. However, traditional Finnish preparation calls for minced beef and full-fat milk rather than cheese. Pair up the Makaronilaatikko with ketchup for a delicious afternoon lunch! 

6). Kaalikaaryleet – Best Food in Finland For Backpackers


Having a variety of fresh vegetables available all year round is challenging in Finland due to the country’s long winter. Against this backdrop, cabbage stands out as one of the most common vegetables available to Finns. Among their many delicious cabbage dishes, kaalikääryleet (or cabbage rolls) stands out as a clear winner.

Kaalikääryleet is similar to cabbage rolls made in other cultures. It’s made by rolling a filling of beef mince and cooked rice in boiling cabbage leaves and then baking the rolls. That identical dish is known as Kldolmar in Swedish cuisine.

In Finland, stuffed cabbage rolls are traditionally paired with mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce. The latter is a staple sauce in Finnish cooking and goes with a wide variety of Finnish dishes and one of the best is the Kaalikääryleet.

7). Kalakeito – A Staple of Finnish Food Culture


The Finnish have a unique cultural connection to fish. Finland’s large lakes and extensive coastline make fish an important food source. As a result, fish soup, also known as Kalakeito, has become an integral part of traditional Finnish cuisine.

Salmon, trout, and pike are just a few examples of the sea and freshwater fish that can make up a kalakeito. Lohikeitto, or salmon soup, is a popular option, but any broth-based dish will do. The trick is to simmer the fish in a savoury stock made from butter, cooking cream, vegetables, and spices.

As a cure for the cold, nothing beats rye bread and a warm pot of Kalakeito in Finland. In 2018, the second Tuesday of February was designated as Finland’s annual National Fish Soup Day.

8). Rice Porridge (Riisipuuro) – Finland Famous Food For Xmas


Riisipuuro also known as rice porridge dish, is a traditional Christmas meal in Finland. The meal is simple to make and requires only the slow cooking of rice, full-fat milk, and water to create a thick, smooth porridge. The flavour can be amplified by adding a dash of cinnamon and some butter.

Those who find an almond hidden in this Finland Food are said to be blessed with good fortune or even marriage. The porridge is delicious any time of year, not just at Christmas. It’s a staple in the Finnish diet, appearing daily either as a breakfast item or as a side dish.

9). Lihapullat – A Delicious Meat Ball Dish of Finland


What makes Finland’s Lihapullat meatballs so special since they can be found in many other cuisines? The Finnish meatball food type differs significantly from the standard American version in that it uses fewer spices.

While this limits the variety of tastes available, it allows you to focus on the meat’s delicate texture and robust flavour, which are what truly make meatballs stand out.

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The typical ingredients that you will find in this delicious meatball recipe are Eggs, Ground Beef, Soaked Bread, Pork & Onions.

Serving Lihapullat with gravy and a gorgeous lingonberry sauce brings out its unique flavour and aroma. When eaten with wholesome accompaniments like rye bread or mashed potatoes, it may be quite filling.

10). Fried Vendace – A Scrumptious Finnish Food Recipe


Fried vendace is delicious on its own or with mashed potatoes; if you like fish and chips, you won’t want to miss it. Vendace, a small fish that may be found in any of Finland’s tens of thousands of lakes, more than makes up for its diminutive stature in flavour.

The preparation is straightforward: After being gutted, the fish is coated in a blend of rye and plain flour before being fried in plenty of butter. You should only ever eat vendace if you’ve purchased it fresh from a fish market. If a Finn wants to snap your picture, they may prompt you to say “muikku,” which is the Finnish equivalent of “cheese.”

Highlighted Points For Infographic

  • The infographic is all about the Top 10 Finnish Foods For Holidaymakers.
  • The list of the Top 10 Finnish Foods has Rye Bread (Ruisleipa), Cinnamon Buns (Korvapuusti), Mammi, & many more.

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Finland Food is just as interesting as other cuisines. Although the former Italian PM felt that the food is bland, Finnish Food is made up of a variety of ingredients including spices and different types of meat.

And when you visit this charming country, you should definitely try some of these mouth-watering delicious Food in Finland for a hearty meal.

But in order to visit Finland, you will need to apply for an Online Finland Visa. Simply get your visa and jet off to Finland for a memorable and epicurean vacation!


Que. What is The National Food of Finland?

Ans. The national food of Finland is Finnish Rye Bread.

Que. What are Some Must-Try Dishes of Finland?

Ans. Some of the must-try Finland Foods are Cinnamon Buns, Lihapullat, Cabbage Rolls and Rice Porridge.

Que. How To Apply For a Finland Visa?

Ans. It is recommended that you take the of a professional agency to streamline your Finland Visa acquisition experience. Once you get in touch with the agency, simply fill out the application form and submit the requisite documents. After that, the experts from the agency will book Finland visa appointment for you with the embassy. Visit the embassy on the day of the appointment and complete the basic formalities. As soon as your visa is processed, it will be shipped to you along with your passport via post.

Que. How Many Days Does it Take To Get a Finland visa?

Ans. Usually, it takes about 10-15 days to process your Finland visa.