13 Exciting Locations To Visit in Finland in Winter & Summer

Finland is a beautiful country with a wide variety of sights to see, from the bustling art scenes of Helsinki and Turku to the heart of the northern forests and the sparsely populated outer islands. That is why many people look for Finland best places to visit for a memorable vacation. The country’s rich cultural and historical attractions, combined with the unspoilt natural setting, make it a perfect location, despite the fact that it is in a relatively undiscovered corner of Europe. So, whether you plan Finland Travel in Winter or Summer, you will always find something interesting. Why so?

Finland is a Nordic paradise for both winter and summer pursuits because of its magnificent lakes, sprawling fells, beautiful rivers, and huge open regions, as well as the guarantee of snow in the winter. This means you will come across a ton of Finland Best Places to explore!

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For the vast majority of foreign guests, their first contact with Finland will be in Helsinki. You will find most of Finland’s best museums in this bustling Baltic port, as are buildings designed by some of the country’s most renowned architects.

The attractive minor cities of Turku and Porvoo are easily accessible from Helsinki. There is so much gorgeous open land to explore that it would be a waste to limit a visit to just the Baltic coast. The Finnish lakes are to the west, and the huge Arctic region, with its midnight sun, aurora borealis, and world-class skiing is to the north.

It doesn’t matter if you visit Finland in the winter or summer, you’ll always find something good. So, let’s quickly list 13 amazing places where you can enjoy Finland Travel in Winter & Summer.

What are Some Finland Best Places That You Can Explore?

As a tourist destination, Finland is famous for its charm & beauty. It’s one of those countries where you’ll get a really varied experience depending on which part you’re in. However, if you want to see as much as possible during your visit to Finland, it can be challenging to choose which of the many amazing attractions to see.

The fantastic cities and towns of Finland are one thing, but there are also other idyllic locations, such as Lapland and the thousands of islands off its coast, to explore. As a matter of fact, you will have so many options that you will ultimately get spoilt for choice.

That’s why here are 13 of Finland Best Places & Locations that you can explore on your vacation:

1. Levi – The Best Places For Adventure Enthusiasts

Levi-Place in Finland

Finland is a paradise for eco-tourists due to its vast areas of untouched wilderness. The Levi winter resort town is a fantastic vacation spot, especially for those who enjoy being outside. It ranks among the top places for Finland travel in Winter.

Levi, in Finnish Lapland, is home to an extensive network of ski and snowboard tracks. Apart from this, you will come across interesting & out-of-the-ordinary options including ice fishing trips, reindeer safaris, and places to lounge in spacious outdoor saunas.

Levi’s nightlife is a big deal for Finns, so if you’re planning a trip there, you shouldn’t leave until you’ve checked out the discos, lounges, and pubs in the city centre.

2. The Artic & Rovaniemi – Top Finland Places To Visit

Rovaniemi-Place in Finland

Rovaniemi, located in northern Finland, lays claim to the title of “Gateway to the Arctic” due to the fact that the Arctic Circle passes through the centre of the city. This results in the renowned Midnight Sun throughout the summer months.

From late May until early August, the sun generally never dips low enough which means you won’t experience nights in the Rovaniemi.

On the other hand, during Summer Solistice, you will witness the sun above the horizon for almost 24 hours and this phenomenon lasts till late June. Interesting, isn’t it? During these “White Nights,” locals encourage visitors to join them in enjoying the outdoors.

You’ll come across Rovaniemi in the middle of a large wilderness area with numerous rivers perfect for kayaking, swimming, or catching fish. 

Apart from this, you will come across some beautiful pathways & trails on the banks of the river. These are some amazing locations where you can enjoy strolling, hiking or cycling with loved ones. 

And if you fancy some Christmas fun then Ask any kid in Finland. They’ll tell you that the city’s main claim to fame is Santa Claus Village, which is on the Arctic Circle. This is the place to go if you want to see reindeer or explore the Sami reindeer farm.

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3. Helsinki – One of The Best Places To Visit in Finland

Helsinki-Place in Finland

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is undoubtedly the most visited city in the country. If you’ve ever wondered why Helsinki looks so much like St. Petersburg, the answer is that in 1812 the Finnish capital was constructed in a design inspired by the Russian metropolis.

Attractions in modern-day Helsinki frequently include the city’s many churches. However, the three most notable churches which you should visit are: 

  • The Uspenski Cathedral
  • the Church in the Rock
  • The Lutheran Cathedral

The art deco architecture of Parliament House and the stadium that hosted the Olympic Games in 1952 is also worth seeing. 

While Helsinki is home to dozens of world-class museums and galleries, the National Museum of Finland stands out as a must-visit for its comprehensive coverage of Finnish history.

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4. Explore Savonlinna – Charming Finland Places To Visit in Winter

Savonlinna-Place in Finland

Savonlinna, a little city in the middle of Finland’s Lakeland, is an attractive and historically significant stop on any trip to Finland. St. Olaf’s Castle, also known as Olavinlinna, was constructed on an island in the centre of Lake Saimma in the 15th century and is the main draw for visitors to the area. 

The castle has survived and fully furnished for centuries because its location was neither strategically nor politically significant.

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5. Porvoo – A Must-Visit Place To Travel To Finland From UK

Porvoo-Place in Finland

Porvoo, the second-oldest town in Finland, is a popular tourist attraction thanks to its historic wooden architecture. 

Many of the wooden buildings in Old Porvoo (or Vanha Porvoo as the locals call it) date to the end of the 19th century, but as you meander through the narrow alleyways you’ll see landmarks dating back to the 13th century. 

The Porvoo Cathedral dates back to the 11th century, the Porvoo Museum showcases local art and tradition, and the Brunberg shop, a local landmark, sells wonderful pastries and candies.

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6. Turku – Former Capital of Finland (in The 19th Century)

Turku-Place in Finland

Located on the southern coast of Finland, Turku was the country’s capital during the better part of the nineteenth century and is also the oldest city in Finland. 

Despite Helsinki’s lengthy reign as Finland’s capital, Turku remains a popular travel destination thanks to its abundance of historic sites and cultural icons. The 13th-century Turku Castle, the twin museums Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, and the Luostarinmäki suburb are among the city’s key attractions.

Don’t forget to add this to your Finland Best Places Bucket List. It will be worth your visit!

7. Tampere – One of The Largest Cities in Finland

Tampere-Place in Finland

Tampere is Finland’s third-largest city, yet it is still not a particularly massive urban region; rather, it has the feel of a collection of neighbourhoods. 

The Vapriikki Museum Complex, which includes the Natural History Museum and the Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame, is a great place to learn about Tampere’s past and culture. 

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Tampere is a popular destination for outdoor activities like skiing and ice hockey, but the city also offers a number of parks and gardens where those who prefer a more sedate outing can enjoy nature.

Love outdoor adventure? Then Tampere is one of Finland Best Places to visit!

8. Aland Archipelago – A Collection of Beautiful Islands

Aland-Archipelago-Place in Finland

The Aland Archipelago is a group of islands located in the middle of the Baltic Sea. They are part of Finland geographically, but the islands operate independently. 

A rare occurrence in Finland, Swedish is the language that most locals use instead of Finnish in the Archipelago. Travelling around the islands on a ferry gives you access to places like the Pommern ship museum, the Aland Maritime Museum, the Kastelholm castle from the 1400s, and kilometres of beautiful hiking paths. 

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9. Kemi – One of The Best Finland Places To Visit in Winter

Kemi-Place in Finland

Kemi is a charming city located in Finnish Lapland that is primarily recognised for its pulp factories. 

When people think of Kemi, they think of the famous snow castle. Every year, locals build tower castles (three stories in height) and use them for special events like weddings and concerts. 

Snow hotel guests have the option of staying the night if they so desire. Kemi is the starting point for polar icebreaker tours that travel through the Arctic Sea in search of stunning icebergs and landscapes, and it also has a lively nightlife scene.

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10. Finnish Lakeland – One of The Beautiful Places To Visit in Finland

Finnish Lakeland Place in Finland

Located in southern Finland, the region known as Finnish Lakeland is famous for its plethora of lakes, as suggested by its moniker. About 55,000 of these lakes are at least 200 metres (660 ft) in width. 

Its borders are the magnificent Salpausselkä Ridges and the Russian border, and it spans central and eastern Finland. Lake Saimaa, the largest in the region, is a popular destination for water sports and scenic walks around its shores. It is possible to visit the mediaeval St. Olaf’s Castle and the university town of Jyväskylä when vacationing in the Finnish Lakeland.

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11. The Esplanadi & Market Square (Kauppatori) Best Places

Kauppatori-Place in Finland

The harbour of Helsinki is a central portion of the city, with many of the city’s most famous landmarks located along its shores. It’s also a hub for commerce, as local farmers, artisans, and Finland food producers (including fishmongers selling straight from their boats) set up shop there every weekend.

You will come across the rich aroma of Salmon smoked over cedar planks getting cooked alongside the boats, and depending on the time of year, you may also see a rainbow of ripened fruits like berries or bundles of harvested woodland mushrooms. 

You will find more food sellers here in the ancient market hall which dates back to 1889. Even though it gets cold, the outdoor market is open all year round!

In the summer, the whole city appears to converge on the open Esplanadi, which stretches from one side of Market Square. Along the tree-lined boulevard are magnificent buildings and a pavilion housing the Kappeli Restaurant, whose patio is particularly famous on summer evenings. This is when you will witness performances at the adjacent bandstand.

This is a beautiful place that you can visit during Finland Travel in Winter and Summer!

12. Finland’s Northern Lights Across Lapland & Rovaniemi

Northern Lights Place in Finland

Planning to travel in Finland from January till March? The Northern Lights should be on your bucket list!

The sight of these dazzling curtains of light sweeping over the sky is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most people. Seeing the northern lights in Finland is like no other experience. The greatest site to observe the lights is in the area near or north of the Arctic Circle, though they can sometimes be visible even in the southernmost sections of the country.

If the weather is clear, visitors here nearly always see a spectacle between September and March. Numerous northern hotels offer special rates for guests interested in viewing the lights.

You can view the aurora borealis from just about anywhere in Finland, but if you want the best chances, head to the northernmost Lapland region. Out of the 365 days in a year, 200 evenings feature the northern lights on average in Finland. 

Other cities like Rovaniemi, Kittilä, and the alpine village of Saariselkä are the other best places where you enjoy immaculate views of the Northern Lights.

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13. Vaasa Best Places – Beautiful With Swedish Heritage

Vaasa-Place in Finland

The town of Vaasa dates back to the 1300s. This is the time when Sweden was prominently dominant over Finland. In 1852, when the fire destroyed the place, the local people population migrated six kilometres to the northwest. This is where they built a more convenient harbour for living. The ancient city has been levelled to make way for a huge park.

There are still many Swedish traditions and customs in this town. This is because 34% of the population still speaks the Swedish language. The bustling market square is the heart of the city, surrounded by several cafes, restaurants, and shops. Even though it’s quiet here, there are a lot of fun things to do in town. The shoreline starts right in front of the town and stretches for kilometres down the coast, providing enough opportunity for strolling by tourists.

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Söderfjärden, a crater created by meteorite millions of years ago and located south of Vaasa, is a well-known landmark. Kvarken National Park is a rugged archipelago that offers fantastic hiking and bird-watching possibilities to those who go to its northernmost reaches.

On a small island to the east of the city centre are Tropiclandia and a tropical spa, a waterpark with a heated dome that houses pools, slides, and saunas.


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Is it worth visiting Finland in winter?

Yes, Finland does get beautiful during winter. Apart from skiing and winter sports, you can also discover the mystical Northern Lights also known as Aurora Borealis.

What are some interesting places that I can visit in Finland during winter?

Finland offers some amazing places to visit in winter like the Lapland Region (perfect to watch northern lights), Savonlinna (a prominent lake region), Aland (a beautiful archipelago) and Helsinki.

How cold does it get in Finland?

Well, in Finland, the lowest temperatures can be up to -50°C. But this is in the snowy parts. Other urban centres are much better but you’ll still need to carry 2 or 3 sets of warm clothes to brave the winters.

Are there any shopping areas in Finland?

Finland’s Helsinki boasts of one the most popular Finland marketplaces called the Kauppatori. This place offers all sorts of products that you can buy during your visit to Finland.

Do I need a Finland Visa to visit Finland?

Yes, you will need to get a Finland visa to visit Finland for tourism, education or business purposes. Simply fill up an online application, furnish the requisite documents and follow basic instructions to get your Finland visa.

What is the best way to get a Finland Visa?

Instead of doing everything on your own, get some help from a professional agency like Finland Visa. They offer 24/7 support, assistance from visa veterans to all your queries, affordable fee and quick visa acquisition. Simply fill out an online application and follow the instructions shared by the professionals to get your visa in a few days!

How much is the Finland visa fee?

For Tourist/Transit/Business Visas, the visa fee is around 194 Euros. For EU/EEA family purposes the visa fee is around 125 Euros.